Highpoints of Canada


Jack Bennett

Jack Bennett is a lifelong runner, hiker, and mountain climber. In 1990 he became the 12th person to climb to the highest points of all 50 U.S. States and was the 1st to complete the Canadian Highpoints in 1998. He owns his own research and development company that allows him to finance his real passion: hiking and climbing the beautiful and fantastic wild places of America with his family.
Author of "Not Won in a Day - Climbing Canada's Highpoints"(Rocky Mountain Press 1999) and "Dream Hikes Coast to Coast" (Menasha Ridge Press 2010).

Tom and Hope Bennett

Tom and Hope Bennett met while they were both whitewater rafting guides on the Youghiogheny River in SW Pennsylvania.  They spent the early days of their relationship kayaking, hiking, climbing and mountain biking.  While they still enjoy these activities most of their time is spent taking care of over 400 animals at North Georgia Zoo home of Wildlife Wonders and Paradise Valley Farms.